Blockchain Curriculum

7 week super intensive program

Unlock the secrets of cryptocurrencies with this 7 week face to face deep dive into understanding the most exciting new environment of our tech future.

This course explains the fundamentals, tools and economics behind the world’s fastest growing tech marketplace and then jumps into a project based approach to get you using the development languages and tools to create your own smart contracts and distributed applications.

Our top objectives for you to complete are:

  • Understanding the ecosystem
  • Ability to recognise appropriate applications of Blockchain technology
  • Create and deploy a distributed application
  • Create integrations with distributed applications

Main topics:

  • Cryptography and Blockchain theory/fundamentals
  • Transactions, Forks, Mining & Exchanges
  • Smart Contracts, Business Cases & Crypto-economics
  • Distributed applications, Business Design & Solidity
  • Voting Systems, Registries and Tokens
  • Blockchain APIs

Our instructors are experienced blockchain fanatics and the course includes visits from a wide range of mentors with experience in Bitcoin, Ethereum, ICOs and global investment.